About Half Pint Readers

Make learning to read an exciting adventure with Half-Pint Readers, a unique series of easy-to-decode phonics books. These little books were created by an experienced Kindergarten teacher to teach her own students to read, not by a large curriculum company. This personal touch of a classroom teacher makes these phonics readers unique, fun and effective as each word was carefully chosen.

Half-Pint Readers are a research-based program that incorporates the Five Essential Elements of Reading as established by the National Reading Panel (Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension).

The books follow a systematic, sequential and cumulative approach. Skills are gradually introduced and each book builds upon the skills from previous books. Children do not have to master the entire alphabet before they can begin to read their first book so they experience success right from the start and gain confidence to read more!

Designed to build fluency, Half-Pint Readers use controlled vocabulary and provide many opportunities to practice new skills. New vocabulary words are listed on the front inside cover so they can be discussed prior to reading. Comprehension skills are developed by a strong correlation between illustrations and text, interesting story plots and higher-level comprehension questions listed on the back inside cover.

Half-Pint Readers follow the Orton-Gillingham approach for reading instruction and are endorsed by the Orton-Gillingham Institute for Multi-Sensory Education. Each level includes writing prompts and thirty-six multi-sensory activities to reinforce phonemic awareness, phonics and other newly learned skills.

Half-Pint Readers open your child up to a whole world of learning. They are unique, fun and appealing to children because each set of books centers upon an exciting theme. The stories are funny and motivating and leave the children wanting to read more! Children love how the little characters on each page face the reader, making the reader feel as though these characters are talking directly to him or her! The Half-Pint characters become familiar and personal and children can hardly wait to see where the next adventure will take them! Each adventure helps children not only learn to read, but also to learn about the world around them.

Public and private schools across the nation and globally are using Half-Pint Readers in a number of ways…as a classroom beginning reading program, to supplement an existing program, for remediation, RTII, ESL, special education and enrichment. They make a great addition to home and classroom libraries to help young readers build fluency. Half-Pint Readers are also a great resource for homeschooling and adult literacy.

We hope you will join the adventure of Half-Pint Readers to make reading instruction fun and easy. Check back often to see new down-loads, new products and new apps as Half-Pint Kids, Inc. continues to grow and expand. And watch your “half-pint” become a happy, confident reader!