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At the Beach – Lesson 1 – Creating a Word Web

Creating a word web is a good way to begin a new thematic unit. It show prior knowledge while incorporating phonics skills and vocabulary words. Have fun with your beach word web!

At the Beach – Lesson 1

I can create a word web.

Objective: To create a word web. (L.K.2)

Materials: paper, marker

Procedures: Discuss how the theme for Set 13 books is about the beach. Explain to your child that he will help you create a word web. Draw a circle in the middle of the paper and write “Beach” inside the circle. Ask your child for words that are associated with the beach. Draw lines from the circle and write the words on the word web. Your child may even be able to write many of the words himself. This activity develops language skills and seeing the words in print.

Conclusion: When the word web is complete, ask your child to see how many of the beach words he can read back to you.

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