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At the Beach – Lesson 8 – Mystery Puzzle

For this activity, your child will solve a mystery puzzle by matching decodable words.

At the Beach – Lesson 8

I can blend sounds to read words.

Objective: To decode words. (RF.K.2)

Materials: puzzle, marker

Procedures: Purchase a framed cardboard puzzle at a dollar store but do not let your child see the picture. Try to find a puzzle with an ocean theme. Remove the pieces one at a time. Write a decodable word on the back of each piece and also write the same word on the section of where the puzzle piece was removed. Spread out all the puzzle pieces with the words showing. Your child will choose a puzzle piece, read the word and match it to the corresponding word to build the puzzle. Your child can begin to guess what the picture will reveal as new pieces are added.

Conclusion: Ask your child to build the puzzle again using the pictures.

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