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Make Learning to Read a Fun Adventure!

Children, parents, and teachers LOVE the Half-Pint Readers! These easy-to-decode phonics books are designed to help beginning readers experience joy and success in learning how to read. Half-Pint Readers build fluency, self confidence, and a love of reading.


Why Half-Pint?

Teaching the Way That Kids Learn Best!

Half-Pint Kids knows that children learn best when they are actively engaged in hands-on, multi-sensory lessons. NOT by sitting for hours doing worksheet upon worksheet. We strive to develop the whole child by providing hundreds of fun and meaningful lessons to go along with Half-Pint Readers.

Let's Teach!

Half-Pint Readers are Available as E-Books!

Now children can read Half-Pint Readers on any device with the Amazon Kindle App! Having the books available on your Kindle, Tablet, iPad, or Smartphone is a convenient way for your child to enjoy reading anywhere!


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Half-Pint Kids…where children learn to read with JOY!


Make learning to read a joyful adventure with Half-Pint Readers, a unique series of decodeable books. These adorable little easy-to-decode phonics books were lovingly created by a kindergarten teacher, who understands how young children learn to read, not by a large curriculum company.  As her students began to sound out CVC words (consonant-vowel-consonant), they wanted to start reading books. But all of the letter sounds had not yet been introduced. So she began writing and illustrating books for her students, taking care to use only the letters that had been taught. As the skills progressed, more books were written. Soon these books became very popular and were self-published by Half-Pint Kids, Inc. and named the Half-Pint Readers. Based upon their original artwork, the books have recently been redesigned by a very talented illustrator!

With Half-Pint Readers, children do not have to master the entire alphabet before they can read their first book, which is a real confidence booster! Learn more about our story…





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