This lesson integrates math skills and handwriting while reviewing letter sounds. Plus, using a dice makes it feel like a game!

aw lesson 19

Around the World – Lesson 19

“I can name letters and sounds and record them on a graph.”

Objective: To identify letters and sounds and record data on a graph. (RF.K.1, RF.K.3)

Materials: dice, dot stickers, marker, chalkboard, chalk (or wipe-off board)

Procedures: Write letters on six dot stickers and place them on each side of a die. Make a chart with six columns on a chalkboard. Your child will roll the die and name the letter/sound it lands on. Then he will write the letter on the chart. Stop the activity when one column is filled up.

Conclusion: Ask your child to count and record how many there are of each letter. Ask questions such as, what letter had the most, the least, or the same amount? This is a great way to integrate math and reading.