What could be more fun than feeding animals to practice blends and digraphs? Today’s lesson is perfect for our Down on the Farm theme!


Down on the Farm – Lesson 12

I can sort pictures that begin with tr, cl. pl and ch.

Objective: To sort pictures by their beginning sound. (RF.K.1, RF.K.3)

Materials: four farm stuffed animals, four small plastic bowls, letter and picture cards (tr, cl, pl, ch)

Procedures: Place a bowl in front of each stuffed animal. Place a blend/digraph card in front of each bowl. Tell your child the animals are hungry and need to be fed but they can only eat the “food” that begins with the sound on their bowl. Give your child a basket of picture cards. She will choose a card, name the picture and place it in the bowl that corresponds to the beginning sound.

Conclusion: After all of the animals have been “fed”, your child will check her work by naming the pictures for each of the sounds.