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Fun and Educational Online Activities for a Rainy Day by Jenny Wise

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Fun and Educational Online Activities For A Rainy Day

                             Written by: Jenny Wise

The internet is filled with time drains and useless videos, but it is also filled with a mind-boggling range of educational resources and tutorials just waiting to be explored. So, the next time you and the kids are stuck inside on a rainy day, use the opportunity to pick up a new skill, work on a project, or simply spend some quality time together.

Exercise Videos

Just because you’re inside doesn’t mean you can’t get moving. There is a huge selection of exercise videos on the internet. While most of them are tailored toward adults, many are designed specifically to keep kids engaged. You can either go for something generic, like this 25-minute workout video from Fitness Blender, or do a specific type of workout. For example, check out this YouTube channel, which introduces young kids to yoga with brightly colored adventures. For older children, search for a kid-friendly choreography to a popular song.

Music Lessons

Learning a musical instrument comes with multiple benefits for children, and you don’t even have to splurge on expensive lessons to teach them. You can find an online video tutorial for most instruments, but guitar and piano are, of course, favorites.

The ukulele is also a great option for kids, as it is smaller and less intimidating than a guitar, while still offering room for development and skill-building. It is also quite a cheap investment, ideal for parents who don’t have instruments at home.

Drawing Tutorials

If your child is interested in drawing, the internet will most likely be their best friend as they grow older and develop their skill. For younger children, go for a basic “how to draw” tutorial that will teach them to draw objects and animals. For older kids with more skills, look for tutorials on their favorite medium (e.g: pencils, paints), or buy them some new art supplies and look for videos on how to use them.

Keep an eye on what your child likes to draw. Do they try to copy their favorite cartoon characters? Do they like to draw animals, people, or objects like cars? Whatever they like, there will be a “for beginners” tutorial on the internet that can help them pick up some useful tricks.


The internet can also be used to find games and activities. Impromptu storytelling, where everyone tries to build a story together, is an excellent exercise in creativity and communication. Scholastic’s Story Starters tool is a great resource for this, allowing you to pick a theme, randomize story elements, and write a story around it. It even has an option for kids to draw an illustration for their story, which works well if you have a touchscreen.

Getting Your Hands Dirt

If you and your kids are crafty, there are thousands of activities on the internet designed specifically to be done by parents with kids. Buzzfeed’s Nifty has a selection of kid-friendly crafts, or check out Good Housekeeping’s tutorials for everything from making a family tree to tie-dye. And if your kids are scientifically inclined, you can spend a rainy afternoon making Rainbow Magic Milk using items you have around the house.

Another hands-on approach is to introduce the kids to cooking and baking with some kid-friendly recipes. If you are worried about the sugar involved in making cookies and decorating cupcakes, look for healthy but fun recipes like fresh fruit popsicles.

The next time you’re stuck indoors on a rainy weekend, don’t reach for the television remote or just put the kids in front of a YouTube cartoon. The internet has millions of tutorials, lessons, and ideas for a fun and educational afternoon. Pick something you can all do together to spend some quality family time, and you can be sure your kids will forget about the rain outside.

About the Author: Jenny Wise is a stay-at-home parent to four beautiful children. To learn more about Jenny and her many fun homeschooling ideas, follow her blog at  http://specialhomeeducator,com

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