Mole doesn’t see well and is wondering what’s hiding in his hole. Can your child help him using her sense of touch?

In the Meadow – Lesson 28

I can match objects to their word.


Objective: To match objects to their word. (RF.K.3)

Materials: empty cubed tissue box, small objects, word cards.

Procedures: Place several small objects inside an empty tissue box. Write the words on cards. Your child will reach into the box and feel an object. She will guess what the object is by the way it feels. Then she may remove the object to see if she was correct. She will match the object to the corresponding word.

Conclusion: Have your child read the words again and write a sentence for two of the words. Then relax on a blanket under a shade tree and listen to your child read all of Set 16, In the Meadow, books to you again.