It’s time to learn another vowel! Learning the short sound of this letter will enable your child to decode lots more cvc words!


Jumping Jungle – Lesson 7

“I can name letter i and the short /ĭ/ sound!”

Objective: To identify letter i and the short /ĭ/ sound. (RF.K.1, RF.K.3)

Materials: letter a sandpaper card, green Play-doh

Procedures: Display the letter i sandpaper card. Say, “This is letter i. The sound of letter i is /ĭ/.” (For a visual reminder, he will touch his nose and scrunch it up as if to say “icky”.) Explain that i is a vowel and can make several sounds but you will be using the short ĭ sound for now. Model how i is formed. Have your child trace i on the sandpaper card using her index finger. While tracing, your child will repeat, “i says /ĭ/, i says /ĭ/.” Give your child green Play-Doh to form i. Explain how inchworm begins with letter i.

Conclusion: Ask your child to identify i and the /i/ sound. For extra fun, use the Play-Doh to make inchworms with your child!