You and your child are sure to enjoy this “sweet” lesson which ties in nicely with Book 4 The Kiss! What a yummy way to review the names of letters!


Medieval Magic – Lesson 17

 I can match uppercase and lowercase letters.

Objective: To match uppercase and lowercase letters. (RF.K.2)

Materials: Hershey kisses, dot stickers, marker, paper

Procedures: Write the uppercase letters on small cards and randomly spread them on the table. Write the lowercase letters on the dot stickers and place them on the bottoms of chocolate kisses. Hide the kisses around the room. Your child will find each kiss, identify the lowercase letter and match it to the uppercase letter on the paper.

Conclusion: Have your child sing the abc song and arrange the cards in alphabetical order. When finished, share a few of the chocolate kisses! (Try to refrain from eating them all yourself!)