Child reading a Half-Pint Kids Decodable BookMake learning to read a joyful adventure with Half-Pint Readers, a unique series of easy-to-decode phonics books. These adorable little decodable books were lovingly created by a kindergarten teacher, who understands how young children learn to read.  As her students began to sound out CVC words (consonant-vowel-consonant), they wanted to start reading real books. But all of the letter sounds had not yet been introduced. So she began writing and illustrating books for her students to decode, taking care to use only the letters that had been taught. As the skills progressed, more books were written. Soon these books became very popular and were self-published by Half-Pint Kids, Inc. and named the Half-Pint Readers. Based upon their original artwork, the books have recently been redesigned by a very talented illustrator, Lori Chambers.

With Half-Pint Readers, children do not have to master the entire alphabet before they can read their first book, which is a real confidence booster! New skills are gradually added and each book builds upon the skills from previous books. This gradual progression of skills helps children become successful right from the start, building a strong foundation as new letter sounds are introduced.

Designed to build fluency through controlled vocabulary, children have many opportunities to practice new skills. New words for each book are listed at the beginning of each book so they can be taught and practiced. At the end of each book are comprehension questions that are designed to involve higher level thinking.

Half-Pint Readers open your child to a whole world of learning, as each set of decodable books revolves around an exciting theme. Teaching with themes is a wonderful way to integrate math, science, technology, social studies, art, music and movement, as well as, authentic literature. The stories will take your child Around the World, from a Jungle Safari to an Arctic Adventure, from Dinosaurs to Outer Space! Your child will visit the Farm, the old Wild West, Under the Sea and even Medieval Times.  Plus much more! There are 18 themes in all and each adventure will leave your child begging to read more!

Children fall in love with the Half-Pint characters, especially how they face the reader on each colorful page. These characters become familiar and memorable, as their sometimes funny predicaments leave you and your child giggling in delight.

Teachers are happy to know that our program incorporates the five essential elements of reading (phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension) as established by the National Reading Panel. Our multi-sensory lessons follow the Orton-Gillingham approach to teaching reading in an explicit, systematic, sequential and cumulative way. Half-Pint Readers are endorsed by the Orton and Gillingham Institute for Multi-Sensory Education and The Reading League.

Public and private schools across the nation are finding much success in using the Half-Pint Readers, along with the lessons and activities. Half-Pint Readers can be used as an early literacy program or to supplement an existing reading curriculum. They are a perfect resource to help struggling or dyslexic readers and can be used in special education classroom, ESL programs and RTII groups. The little books make a great addition to Daily Five book boxes and classroom libraries. They are also used by homeschoolers, speech therapists, and adult literacy classes with much success.

If you believe children learn best when they learn with joy, you will love the Half-Pint Readers and our hands-on lessons. We hope you will join our blog and share your ideas with other parents and teachers to make learning to read a joyful experience for “half-pints” everywhere.