Child reading a Half-Pint Kids Decodable Book

Follow the Science of Reading and make learning to read, a fun and successful adventure with the Half-Pint Readers. Years of research show that reading should be taught using a strong phonics approach and skills should be introduced in an explicit, systematic, sequential, and cumulative manner. Decodable books are a must for beginning readers according to the Science of Reading. Our program includes 108 different titles and unlike some decodables, our books tell an actual story that makes sense. Children fall in love with the adorable Half-Pint characters, and they can hardly wait to read the next book.

Our decodable books were lovingly created by a kindergarten teacher for her own students, while they were learning to sound out cvc words. With the Half-Pint Readers, children do not have to master the entire alphabet before they can read their first book. This is a real confidence booster. Each book builds upon the skills of previous books. New words are listed at the beginning of each book and comprehension questions are listed at the end.

Trained in the Orton and Gillingham method for teaching reading, the author made the accompanying lessons fun and multisensory. When students are engaged in hands-on experiences, it makes the skills “stick”. Also, our 18 child-centered themes keep the students excited to learn.

Our program includes the five essential elements of reading (phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension) as established by the National Reading Panel. For a reading program to be considered effective and excellent, these five essential elements of reading are required, We are proud to say that our program is also endorsed by The Reading League and the Orton and Gillingham Institute for Multi-Sensory Education.

For over two decades, public and private schools across our nation and Canada have found much success using the Half-Pint Readers, along with the lessons and activities. The decodables can be used as an early literacy curriculum, or to supplement an existing reading curriculum. They make a perfect resource for struggling readers, dyslexic learners, special ed classrooms, ESL students, homeschooling, speech therapists and classroom libraries.

If you believe in the Science of Reading, you have come to the right place. Not only will you see your “half-pints” learn to read with success, but you will also see them reading with much joy!