Here is an easy way to practice blending sounds to read real and nonsense words!

os 16

Outer Space – Lesson 16

“I can read real and nonsense words.”

Objective: To decode real and nonsense words. (RF.K.2)

Materials: 2 cube tissue boxes, white contact paper, dry-erase markers, clipart of an astronaut and alien, wipe-off board,

Procedures: Cover tissue boxes with contact paper. On the sides of one cube, use a wipe-off marker to write sh, sn, fr. On the other cube, write  word families _ap, _ip, _og, _ed, _ug and _ag. Your child will roll the dice and read the word that is formed. If it is real word, your child will write it under the astronaut. If it is a nonsense word, he will write it under the alien.

Conclusion: After reading the lists, your child can count to see who has the most words.