It’s time for “splash down” as this lesson concludes our Outer Space theme. For this lesson, you will need a black light. You can actually use any lamp and buy a black light bulb for it. I used a desk lamp. Your child will love to see her spelling words glow!


Outer Space – Lesson 30

“I can spell cvc words.”

Objective: To spell cvc words. (RF.K.2)

Materials: highlighters, white paper, black light

Procedures: Give your child words to spell using the highlighters on white paper. When finished, turn off the lights and have her place her paper near a black light to see the words glow. If you do not have a black light, your child can use glow-in-the-dark markers or paint that will glow when you turn off the lights.

Conclusion: To culminate the outer space theme, create a rocket with a large box from a local appliance store. Then climb aboard and listen to your child read all of the Set 7 Outer Space books to you again.