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Level B – Blends & Ends

Level B – Blends & Ends


Level B (Sets 7-12) introduces 16 blends and digraphs, 24 sight words and 4 word endings.




Level B contains 36 different titles. These easy-to-decode phonics readers revolve around six exciting themes. Also included are fun activity cards, with one multi-sensory activity for each story. New words are listed at the beginning of each story and comprehension questions are listed at the end. Each book builds upon the skills of previous books. Your beginning reader is sure to enjoy these adorable, colorful books and hands-on activities!

Level B (Sets 7-12) introduces 16 blends and digraphs, 24 sight words and 4 word endings.

Set 7 • Outerspace

Blends – sh, fr, sn Sight Words – no, have, do, are, for

LBS7B1Print.indd LBS7B2Print.indd LBS7B3Print.indd

LBS7B4Print.indd LBS7B5Print.indd LBS7B6Print.indd

Set 8 • Medieval Magic

Blends – sl Sight Words – look, funny Word Endings – _ing

LBS8B1Print.indd LBS8B2Print.indd LBS8B3Print.indd

LBS8B4Print.indd LBS8B5Print.indd LBS8B6Print.indd

Set 9 • Down on the Farm

Blends – tr, cl, ch, pl Sight Words – where, here, he, of, an, my, what Word Endings – _ck, _s

LBS9B1Print.indd LBS9B2Print.indd LBS9B3Print.indd

LBS9B4Print.indd LBS9B5Print.indd LBS9B6Print.indd

Set 10 • Barnyard Buddies

Blends – dr, sw Sight Words – she

LBS10B1Print.indd LBS10B2Print.indd LBS10B3Print.indd

LBS10B4Print.indd LBS10B5Print.indd LBS10B6Print.indd

Set 11 • Pioneer Days

Blends – st, bl Sight Words – too, with, that, us, your, be

LBS11B1Print.indd LBS11B2Print.indd LBS11B3Print.indd

LBS11B4Print.indd LBS11B5Print.indd LBS11B6Print.indd

Set 12 • Wild West

Blends – th, sm, gl, fl Sight Words – all, one, two Word Endings – _all

LBS12B1Print.indd LBS12B2Print.indd LBS12B3Print.indd

LBS12B4Print.indd LBS12B5Print.indd LBS12B6Print.indd

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