Why Choose Half-Pint Readers?

Kids Love That…


  • Half-Pint Readers are colorful, funny and engaging. Each story has a little plot.
  • The stories revolve around 18 child-centered themes.
  • The adorable and memorable characters face the child while they are reading.
  • Half-Pint Readers are easy to decode. New skills are gradually introduced and each book builds upon the skills from previous books.
  • Children do not have to master the entire alphabet before they can begin reading their first book.
  • Children love the fun, hands-on lessons and activities to help them learn to read.

Parents Love That…

  • Each level comes with 36 different titles.
  • The scope and sequence of skills is clearly stated on the back of each box.
  • Each level comes with activity cards with 36 multi-sensory activities to reinforce new skills.
  • Their child becomes interested in the themes and wants to learn more.
  • Their child can hardly wait to read the next book.
  • Their child’s reading level improves at school.
  • The online lesson plans are easy to follow for homeschooling.
  • Half-Pint Readers make a great gift for beginning readers.

Teachers Love That…

  • Our program incorporates the five Components of Reading (Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Fluency, and Comprehension) as recommended by the National Reading Panel.
  • Our program is researched-based and follows the Orton and Gillingham method for teaching reading.
  • The lessons are explicit, systematic, sequential and cumulative.
  • The lessons are multi-sensory to reach all types of learning styles.
  • Common Core Standards are noted for each lesson.
  • The website offers a wealth of FREE resources for teaching such as: hundreds of lesson plans, printable worksheets and fun activities.
  • The literacy centers are a “hands-on” way to practice reading skills.
  • Half-Pint Readers are sequential and cumulative, providing many opportunities to practice new skills.
  • Half-Pint Readers have controlled vocabulary. The text is large with only one or two sentences per page.
  • The stories are only seven pages long, giving the child a feeling of accomplishment in reading the entire book.
  • New words for each book are listed inside the front cover.
  • Higher level comprehension questions are listed at the end of each story.
  • The themes are a great way to integrate math, science, social studies, art, music and physical activity, as well as authentic literature and technology.
  • Half-Pint Readers were written by a kindergarten teacher who understands how children learn.
  • The books are very cost-effective compared to the large reading curriculums.
  • Half-Pint Readers are also sold as Kindle E-books.
  • Half-Pint Readers are a perfect resource for:
    • Beginning Reading Programs
    • Special Education
    • RTII Groups
    • Dyslexic Learners
    • Struggling Readers
    • ESL Programs
    • Daily Five Book Boxes
    • Take-Home Readers
    • Classroom Libraries