Half-Pint Readers are Now Available as E-Books

Now children can read Half-Pint Readers decodeable books on any device with the Amazon Kindle App! Having the books available on your Kindle, Tablet, iPad, or Smartphone is a convenient way for your child to enjoy reading anywhere!

The Half-Pint Reader e-books are the same stories that are in the three levels of the Half-Pint Readers. But they are sold as sets of six books rather than by the entire level at once. Each e-book contains six stories that center upon an exciting theme.

Flashcards of all the words in the stories are included at the end of each e-book as well as 36 multi-sensory ideas to do with your child. The e-books are numbered and are sequential. There are 18 e-books in the entire series which include all 108 Half-Pint Readers.