Learning letter Gg is lots of fun when you get to use glitter glue!

AA lesson 2

Arctic Adventures – Lesson 2

“I can identify g and the /g/ sound.”

Objective: To identify letter g and the /g/ sound. (RF.K.3)

Materials: g sandpaper card, paper, marker, glitter glue

Procedures: Display the letter g sandpaper card. Say, “This is letter g. The sound of g is /g/.” (Be careful to say only the /g/ sound without adding “uh” to it. Use the hard sound of g as in goat, not giraffe.) Model how g is formed. Have your child trace g on the sandpaper card using his index finger. While tracing, have your child repeat, “g says /g/, g says /g/.” Print G g on a sheet of paper and have your child draw or trace the letters with glitter glue.

Conclusion: Ask your child to identify letter g and the /g/ sound.