It’s time to compare the sounds of our two new letters, d and g!

AA lesson 3

Arctic  Adventures – Lesson 3

“I can sort pictures that begin with d and g.”

Objective: To review letters d and g and to sort pictures by their beginning sound. (RF.K.1, RF.K.3)

Materials: letter cards (d, g) and picture cards (d, g).

Procedures: Place letter cards d and g on the table. Ask your child to identify each letter and to trace them with her index finger while saying the sound that each letter makes. Give your child a small basket of picture cards. Have her choose a card one at a time. If the picture begins with /d/, she will place it beside the d. If it begins with /g/, she will place it beside the g.

Conclusion: Ask your child to say the letters and pictures in each row.