After reading about the sled dog who got into mud, your child can practice writing letters in pretend mud by using chocolate pudding. Of course, occasional licks are allowed!

AA lesson 33

Arctic Adventures – Lesson 33 

“I can write uppercase and lowercase letters.”

Objective: To write uppercase and lowercase letters. (L.K.1)

Materials: letter cards, large styrofoam tray, chocolate pudding

Procedures: Spread a thin layer of chocolate pudding on a plate or styrofoam tray. Pretend the pudding is the mud from the story The Bad Dog. “Draw” a line down the middle to divide the tray into two sections. Show your child  letter cards such as Dd. Your child will say the letters and write them in the pudding, using his index finger. Make sure he is using the proper strokes as he writes. Have him “erase” the letters and continue with different ones. For extra fun, allow an occasional lick!

Conclusion: After the materials have been cleaned up and hands washed, have your child sort the letter cards into two piles of uppercase and lowercase.