In this phonemic awareness lesson, your child will get to snack while learning!

aw lesson 15

Around the World – Lesson 15

“I can locate sounds in words.”

Objective: To locate individual phonemes in words. (RF.K.2)

Materials: napkin, paper cupcake holder, trail mix, cvc picture cards

Procedures: Give your child the napkin and small container of trail mix. (raisins, fish crackers, cereal, m & m’s, etc.) Tell him to place three items of trail mix in a row on his napkin. Explain how each item will represent a phoneme or sound in a word. Tell him to point to each sound as you say a word such as “m…a…t”. Tell him to eat the /t/, eat the /m/, eat the /a/. Continue the activity using different cvc words until the trail mix is gone.

Conclusion: Reverse roles. Your child gets to be the teacher and you get to eat the sounds! Children learn even better when they get to be the teacher!