Today is our last writing prompt for the Around the World books! In this Hawaiian story, Mac and Sam need an ice pack because of a mishap with falling coconuts. Your child can write about a time when he had an injury of his own.

aw lesson 25

Around the World – Lesson 25

“I can write a story.”

Objective: To use inventive writing to write a story. (W.K.1)

Materials: journal, pencil, crayons

Procedures: Talk about Sam and Mac’s mishap and how they needed an ice pack. For a writing prompt, ask your child to write about a time when he got hurt. Encourage your child to use spaces between words, punctuation at the end of the sentence and to use any letter-sounds that he hears in words. Then he will illustrate his story. Keep the journal in a safe place for his next story.

Conclusion: Have your child read his story to you again. Talk about his funny illustrations and how much you enjoyed reading his story.