Here is a fun reading game played like “Hangman” where you child will try to figure out the mystery word by guessing letters. But each wrong guess will cost her a coconut!

aw lesson 26

Around the World – Lesson 26

“I can figure out a mystery word by guessing letters.”

Objective: To use decoding skills to guess a mystery word. (RF.K.2)

Materials: metal baking sheet, magnet letters, colored tape, brown construction paper, scissors

Procedures: Place 10 magnetic letters (t, b, c, m, a, p, f, s, h, o) at the top of a metal baking sheet. Tape three small strips of tape near the bottom of the baking sheet. Cut out 6 coconut shapes. Write a cvc word on a piece of paper and place it face down so your child does not see it. Ask your child to guess a letter. If that letter is in the mystery word, place it on the correct line. If it is not in the mystery word, remove it from the cookie sheet and your child loses one coconut. Your child will continue guessing letters. The goal is for your child to figure out the word before she loses all of her coconuts! Continue with another cvc word and 6 coconuts.

Conclusion: Have your child write a mystery word for you to guess.