This activity goes along with the book, Mac. It also involves coconut cut-outs and real coconut flakes. What could be more fun than using a pastry brush to uncover sight words that are hidden in coconut flakes!

aw lesson 27

Around the World – Lesson 27

“I can read sight words.”

Objective: To read sight words. (RF.K.3)

Materials: brown construction paper, scissors, marker, tray, coconut flakes, pastry brush

Procedures: Cut out several round coconut shapes from brown construction paper and write a sight word on each. Place on a plastic tray. Cover the coconuts with coconut flakes. Have your child gently brush off each coconut with a pastry brush and read the sight words.

Conclusion: You and your child can read the uncovered sight words again to each other. (Make a mistake while reading a word to see if you child catches the mistake!)