This is a great way to integrate geography with reading! Print the names of places on notecards. Your child will find them by matching the words. You can give him the general location so it is not too difficult.

aw lesson 5

Around the World – Lesson 5

“I can find places on a map with help.”

Objective: To locate continents, countries and states on a map by matching words. (RF.K.1

Materials: a globe, a world map, a United States map, bulletin board, thumbtacks

Procedures: Talk about the differences between a continent, a country and a state. Using the book, The Map, help your child find the places that Sam will visit on his world tour. Explain if the location is a continent, a country or a state. Talk about places you and/or your child have visited or lived.

Conclusion: Place a thumbtack or small sticker on the map to show where Sam visits each of his friends.