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Barnyard Buddies – Lesson 18 – Guess the Word

This game is always fun to play again and again. This time your child must figure out the mystery word before the horse loses all of its sugar cubes!

horse game for guess the word

Barnyard Buddies – Lesson 18

I can figure out a mystery word by guessing letters.

Objective: To use decoding skills to guess a mystery word. (RF.K.2)

Materials: letters, wipe off board, marker, sugar cubes, toy horse

Procedures: Place 10 letters at the top of the wipe off board. Draw 3 or 4 lines at the bottom depending on the mystery word you choose. Place 6 sugar cubes by a small toy horse. Write a cvc word on a piece of paper and place it face down so your child does not see it. Draw a line for each letter in the word. Ask your child to guess a letter. If the letter is in the mystery word, place it on the correct line. If it is not in the mystery word, remove it from the row and the horse loses one sugar cube. Your child will continue guessing letters. The goal is for your child to figure out the word before the horse loses all of its sugar cubes! Continue the game with a different cvc word.

Conclusion: Have your child write a mystery word for you to guess.

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