Your little farmer will love decoding real and nonsense words with this “shoebox” garden.



Barnyard Buddies – Lesson 2

I can read real and nonsense words.

Objective: To decode real and nonsense words. (RF.K.2)

Materials: green construction paper, craft sticks, marker, shoe box, farmer, scarecrow

Procedures: Cover the top of a shoe box with green paper to make it look like a garden. Cut slits in the top. Glue leafy shapes to the edge of craft sticks. Write a real or nonsense word on each stick and place them in the slits. Your child will pull a stick and read the word. If it is a real word, she will give it to the farmer. If it is a nonsense word, she will give it to the scarecrow.

Conclusion: After reading the words again, your child can count to see who has the most words.