Children love flip books. For this lesson, you will create a flip book that will give your child many different words to decode.

sheep flip book

Backyard Buddies – Lesson 22

I can decode real and nonsense words.

Objective: To decode real and nonsense words. (RF.K.2)

Materials: small spiral notebook, scissors, marker, sheep clip art

Procedures: Turn the notebook on the table so the spiral ring is at the top. To  have it go along with the “sheep” lessons, you can glue a picture of a sheep to the front cover of the notebook. Cut slits to form three equal sections on all of the pages, keeping them attached to the spiral ring. Write a consonant, blend or digraph on the first section of every page. On the middle section, write a vowel and on the last section, write a consonant. You can include st, sh, ck, ing on the last section. (Choose carefully what you write so that no inappropriate words can be formed.) Your child will randomly flip the pages and read the words that are formed.

Conclusion: Have your child write five of the words on lined paper.