Today is our final lesson for Set 10 Barnyard Buddies. In this lesson, your child will decode sentences and answer yes and no questions.

Duck questions

Barnyard Buddies – Lesson 26

I can read and answer yes and no questions.

Objective: To read and answer yes and no questions. (RF.K.4)

Materials: rubber duckies, yes and no cards, questions strips.

Procedures: Write decodable questions on sentence strips such as “Can a pig shop?” “Is a chick little?” Place a yes sign and a no sign beside two rubber duckies. Your child will choose a sentence strip, read the question and place it by the duck with the correct answer. Continue until all the questions have been answered.

Conclusion: Have your child write two questions on lined paper. Then relax on a blanket under a shade tree and listen to your child read all of the farm books in Set 10.