To go along with the book, The Pig, your child will be tactile writing in “mud”. But this mud will be finger-licking good because it will actually be chocolate frosting!

Writing in chocolate frosting (bb6)

Barnyard Buddies – Lesson 6

I can read the sight word: she

Objective: To read the sight word: she (RF.K.3)

Materials: sight word card, dish, chocolate frosting

Procedures: Place a thin layer of chocolate frosting on a dish. Tell your child she is going to learn a new sight word. Display the sight word card, “she” and read it to your child. Have your child trace “she” with her index finger. Then she will copy the word by writing it in the chocolate frosting (which you can pretend is mud for the pig.) As she writes, she will say each letter and then the word. Repeat several times. This tactile experience is especially fun when she is allowed to lick her finger!

Conclusion: Have your child read the word again. Then have fun baking and frosting cupcakes together!