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Barnyard Buddies- Lesson 14 – Rhyming

Reciting nursery rhymes is a great way to develop phonemic awareness. Here is a cute rhyming lesson to go along with the nursery rhyme, Three Little Kittens.

Three Little Kittens

Barnyard Buddies – Lesson 14

I can identify words that rhyme.

Objective: To identify rhyming words. (RF.K.2)

Materials: mitten cut-outs, marker,

Procedures: Read the nursery rhyme Three Little Kittens to your child or watch a video online. Make mitten shapes from construction paper. Write pairs of rhyming words on the mittens. Place one set of mittens in a pile and spread the other mittens on the table. Your child will pull a mitten from the pile, read the word and match it to a mitten that rhymes. Continue until all of the pairs of mittens have been matched.

Conclusion: Have your child write several pairs of rhyming words on lined paper.

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