This phonemic awareness activity is lots of fun when you use snack items to count out words in a sentence. Mmmmm.

At the Beach – Lesson 12

I can count words in a sentence.

Objective: To count words in a sentence. (RF.K.2)

Materials: napkin, foil cupcake liner, trail mix

Procedures: Give your child a napkin and a container of trail mix items such as small pretzels, m & m’s , gold fix crackers, raisins, cereal, oyster crackers, mini marshmallows, etc.

Say a sentence to your child such as “I will buy some nuts.” Your child will count the words in the sentence and place a snack item to represent each word. Then ask your child to eat “words”. For instance, if you said eat “buy”, your child would eat the third item because “buy” is the third word in the sentence.

Conclusion: Dictate two sentences for your child to write on a wipe-off board. Then enjoy some more trail mix together.