At the Beach - Lesson 20 - Decoding CVC Words - Half Pint Kids Decodable Books
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At the Beach – Lesson 20 – Decoding CVC Words

This lesson is exciting to play outdoors on a hot day! Who knew reading could be so much fun?

At the Beach – Lesson 20

I can read words that look similar.

Objective: To decode words that are similar. (RF.K.2)

Materials: star fish cut-outs, marker, spray bottle, water

Procedures: Cut out shapes of star fish and label each one with a decodable word. Choose words with similar spellings to make the activity more challenging. Spread the words on the floor. Say a word to your child. She will find the star fish with that word and bring it to you. To make the activity more fun, spray her with the water if she takes too long finding the word. But be prepared for screams and giggles.

Conclusion: When all of the words have been found, ask your child to orally spell several of the words.

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