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At the Beach – Lesson 24 – Decoding Sentences

This lesson will get your child up and moving while reading sentences and counting. It’s even more fun when played outdoors!

At the Beach – Lesson 24

I can decode sentences.

Objective: To decode sentences. (RF.K.4)

Materials: two large dice, (one for counting, one for reading) marker, paper, tape

Procedures: Write the following actions on paper and tape them to each side of a large or homemade dice. Your child will roll both dice. He will read the sentence on which it has landed. Then he will do that action as many times as the number dice says. Continue until all the sentences have been read.

Kick your leg.

Rub your chin.

Tap your shin.

Clap your hands.

Pat your back.

Pinch your neck.

Conclusion: Have your child write two of the sentences on lined paper.

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