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At the Beach – Lesson 27 – Sight Word Knock-Down

Red solo-cups can be used for many games. This “knock-down sight word game” is always a favorite.

At the Beach – Lesson 27

I can read sight words.

Objective: To read sight words. (RF.K.3)

Materials:  10 red solo cups, black sharpie pen, ball or bean bag

Procedures: Write sight words on the cups. Stack the cups with four cups on the bottom, then three, then two and one at the top. Your child will toss the bean bag to see how many cups she can make fall. She will read the sight words on the cups that are knocked down. Re-stack the cups and continue playing the game.

Conclusion: Have your child read each word again. Then she will write five sight words on a wipe-off board.

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