At the Beach - Lesson 28 - Beginning Sounds - Half Pint Kids Decodable Books
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At the Beach – Lesson 28 – Beginning Sounds

Our final lesson for Set 13 At the Beach is identifying beginning sounds. What better way than to have a picnic?

At the Beach – Lesson 28

I can identify beginning sounds.

Objective: To match objects to their beginning sounds. (RF.K.2)

Materials: picnic basket, toy food, letters or word cards, table cloth.

Procedures: Fill a basket with toy food or real food. Your child will match each item to its beginning letter sound. This activity could also be used to practice ending sounds, middle sounds or to read and spell words.

Conclusion: Have your child spell some of the items that are cvc words such as, plum, hot dog, chips, etc. Then plan a picnic with your child. Be sure to bring along the beach books and have your child read all six stories to you after enjoying your picnic lunch.

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