This easy-to-make clam shell game is a fun way to practice blends and goes along great with the story, Digging for Clams!

At the Beach – Lesson 4

I can identify blends. (cr, sk, gr, sn)

Objective: To identify blends: cr, sk, gr, sn. (RF.K.2)

Materials: sand pails, picture cards, blend cards

Procedures: Purchase four plastic pails at a dollar store. Label each pail with one of the four new blends.

Print and cut out clipart of pictures that begin with the four blends. Glue the pictures to sea shells or shell cut-outs. Talk about the sounds of each blend. Your child will choose a shell, say the word and place it in the corresponding pail.

Conclusion: Your child will identify the sound of cr, sk, gr, sp. Then your child will write decodable words with these sounds, such as crab, skin, grub and spill on lined paper.At the Beach