Only one more lesson to prepare your child to read the little books in Set 6 Digging Up Dinosaurs! In today’s lesson, your child will practice our new cvc words and sight words by decoding sentences.


Digging Up Dinosaurs – Lesson 14

“I can read sentences!”

Objective: To fluently read a sentence and match it to a corresponding picture. (RF.K.4)

Materials: Sentence strips, marker, picture cards.

Procedures: Write several sentences on sentence strips using the familiar letter sounds and sight words. Examples:

  • You can zip it.
  • “The yak is big,” said Max.
  • The little kid has a pet.
  • We will go on the jet.
  • The dog can wag.
  • I will put a yam in the box.

Place picture cards on the table. Your child will read a sentence and match it to the picture.

Conclusion: Remove the pictures and your child will read each sentence again.