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Digging Up Dinosaurs – Lesson 17 – Identifying Letters

This activity is a fun way to review the letters and sounds. Your child can pretend he is excavating a dinosaur site. You could even add toy dinosaur bones. I bought the puzzle and beans at a dollar store!


Digging Up dinosaurs – Lesson 17

“I can identify letters.”

Objective: To identify letters (RF.K.1)

Materials: bin, beans, bulldozer, foam abc puzzles

Procedures: Fill a bin with dry beans and foam letters from an abc puzzle. Your child will find each of the letters with a toy bulldozer, identify them, and place them back into the frame, one by one.

Conclusion: After this activity, ask your child to sing the ABC song. Then purchase a 100 piece dinosaur puzzle at the dollar store and build it together.

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