It is helpful for children to understand parts of speech such as nouns and verbs to help them comprehend what they are reading and also to help them in writing sentences. This sorting activity will help your child identify nouns and verbs. Sometimes a word can be used as a noun or a verb depending upon the sentence. It may be helpful to give examples of how this can happen. ( I cut my hand…I have a cut on my hand.)


Digging Up Dinosaurs – Lesson 30

“I can  identify nouns and verbs.”

Objective: To identify nouns and verbs. (RF.K.4)

Materials: dinosaur models, labels, popsicle sticks, baskets

Procedures: Explain nouns (person, place, thing) and verbs (action words) Label two dinosaurs and give your child a basket of words. He will read each word and decide if it is a noun or a verb and give it to the correct dinosaur.

Conclusion: Your child will read each word from the two baskets to check his work.