Digging Up Dinosaurs - Lesson 33 - CVC Words - Half Pint Kids Decodable Books
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Digging Up Dinosaurs – Lesson 33 – CVC Words

This dinosaur activity is sure to captivate your child’s interest with a nest of dinosaur eggs!


Digging Up Dinosaurs – Lesson 33

“I can spell cvc words.”

Objective: To spell cvc words with letter tiles. (RF.K.2)

Materials: plastic eggs, nest, letter tiles, toy dinosaur

Procedures: Place three letter tiles in each egg that would form a cvc word. Put the eggs in a “nest” guarded by a dinosaur. Your child will “steal” an egg from the next and open it. Then she will open the egg and form a cvc word.

Conclusion: For extra practice, your child can copy each word on a wipe-off board. Then snuggle up for a family movie night with a Land Before Time movie.

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