This is our last lesson for Set 6 Digging Up Dinosaurs and the final lesson in Level A – Sights and Sounds! Way to go! Have fun digging for fossils!


Digging Up Dinosaurs – Lesson 38

“I can read real and nonsense words!”

Objective: To decode real and nonsense words. (RF.K.2)

Materials: flat stones, sharpie, bin, sand, paint brush, dinosaur model, stuffed dinosaur.

Procedures: Purchase a small stuffed dinosaur at the dollar store as a reward for completing all of Level A books and activities. Gather or purchase flat stones. Print real and nonsense cvc words on the stones. Fill a bin half-full with sand. Bury the stones. Your child will dig up a stone, brush it off and read the word. If the word is real, she will place it by the “real” dinosaur model. If it is a nonsense word, she will give the stone to the stuffed dinosaur!

Conclusion: After reading and comparing the lists, your child can cuddle up and read all six dinosaur books to her new stuffed friend