Letter Qq can be a little tricky to learn. So here are some activities to help your child remember letter Qq and the /q/ sound.


Digging Up Dinosaurs – Lesson 5

“I can  identify letter q and the /q/ sound.”

Objective: To identify letter q and the /qu/ sound. (RF.K.1, RF.K.3)

Materials: letter q sandpaper card, small cups, poster paints, q-tips, quilt markers, white paper

Procedures: Display the letter q sandpaper card. Say, “This is letter q. The sound of q is /qu/.” (Be careful to say only the /qu/ sound without adding “uh” to it.) Explain how q is paired with u. Model how q is formed. Have your child trace q on the sandpaper card using her index finger. While tracing, she will repeat, “q says /qu/, q says /qu/. Draw squares to form a plain quilt. Your child will decorate the quilt by painting designs with Q-tips!

Conclusion: Ask your child to identify letter q and the /qu/ sound.