Writing the letters is good practice for learning them well. Writing with a tactile experience is even better! Today your child will write the letters in Kool-Aid powder!


Digging Up Dinosaurs – Lesson 9

 “I can write letters y, z, k, q, w and e!”

Objective: To write letters y, z, k, q, w and e using correct letter formation and to identify the sounds. (RF.K.1)

Materials: Kool-Aid powder, tray, letter cards (y, z, k, q, w, e)

Procedures: Spread a layer of Kool-Aid powder on a styrofoam tray. Hold up the letter k card. Your child will use his index finger to form k in the Kool-Aid while reciting, “k says /k/, k says /k/.” Your child will “erase” the k and continue the activity with different letters. Guide your child’s hand if necessary to be sure he is forming the letters with the correct strokes.

Conclusion: Your child will name the six letters and sounds.