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Family Fun – Lesson 1 – Family Tree

A cute way to introduce your Set 15 Family Fun theme is to create a family tree. This family tree uses paint but you could create yours with crayons or other media. You may even want to  include photos.

Family Fun – Lesson 1

I can create a family tree.

Objective: To create a family tree. (L.K.2)

Materials: paper, crayons, paint, marker

Procedures: Discuss how the theme for Set 15 books is about Family. Explain to your child that he will help you create a family tree. Have your child draw a tree trunk and branches. To add blossoms and leaves, your child will dip one finger into pink and green paint and press onto the branches. When dry, help him write each family member’s name with a marker. You could even add photos to the family tree!

Conclusion: Ask your child to read the names again and to explain the relationships between members.hotos!

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