Playing a memory game is always a fun way to practice sight words and the kite cards go along well with our new book, Mike.

Family Fun – Lesson 12

I can identify new sight words.

Objective: To read sight words: by, white, saw, his, into. (RF.K.3)

Materials: sight words cards, instant coffee grounds, tray, kite cutouts, marker

Procedures: Tell your child he will learn five new sight words (by, into, white, his, saw). Have him trace each sight word card with his finger, saying the letters and the word. Then he will copy the words in a tray of dry coffee grounds, repeating the words. Next cut out kite shapes and write a sight word on each one. Place the kites face down on the table and play “memory” until your child has learned the five new sight words.

Conclusion: Have your child read the words again and write them on lined paper.