Family Fun - Lesson 28 - Decoding Words Ending in "ay" - Half Pint Kids Decodable Books
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Family Fun – Lesson 28 – Decoding Words Ending in “ay”

Help this hungry puppy decode new words that end with “ay”.

Family Fun – Lesson 28

I can decode words ending in “ay”.

Objective: To decode words ending in ay. (RF.K.3)

Materials: Stuffed toy dog, bone shaped cut-outs, marker, bowl

Procedures: Cut out several dog bone shapes. Write decodable words that end in “ay” on the bones. Place them in a basket. Teach your child the sound of “ay”. Have your child practice writing several words that end with ay on a chalkboard. Place a bowl in front of the stuffed dog. Give your child the basket of dog bones. She will choose a bone and read the word to you. If correct, she may feed it to the dog. Continue until all the words have been read correctly.

Conclusion: Your child will write five of the words on lined paper.

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