Magic wands are good for all sorts of things! They can even change vowel sounds!


Family Fun – Lesson 7

 I can change vowel sounds in words by adding final e.

Objective: To change vowel sounds in words by adding the final e. (RF.K.3)

Materials: magnetic letters, baking sheet, magic wand.

Procedures: Ask your child to spell “kit” on the baking sheet with the magnetic letters. Tell her to place the “magic e wand” at the end of the word. Explain that this word no longer says “kit” but by adding the “magic” e at the end of the word, the word has changed to “kite”. When there is a final e, the vowel says its real name. So the ĭ sound now says ī. Remove the letters and continue with different cvc words, adding the final e.

Conclusion: Give your child five words to spell on lined paper that have “long i” and end with letter e.