Doing chores is a great way to teach children responsibility and helps them gain self-confidence and independence. For today’s writing prompt, your child will write about a job she would like to do on a farm. This can lead to a discussion of how she can help with chores at home.


Down on the Farm – Lesson 10

I can write about  jobs I would do on a farm.

Objective: To use inventive writing to write a story. (W.K.1)

Materials: journal, pencil, crayons

Procedures: Refer back to the story and name some of the jobs the children performed. Ask your child to write about jobs she would like to do on a farm. She may think of jobs that are not listed in the story. Encourage her to use spaces between words, punctuation at the end of the sentence and to use letter-sounds that she hears in words. Write the real words under her sentence. Then she will illustrate her story.

Conclusion: Have your child read her story to you again. Talk about her great illustrations and how you liked the jobs she chose.