This lesson will help your child practice reading questions and the sight words “where” and “here.” Your child will enjoy being able to get up to look for the animals, too!


Down on the Farm – Lesson 14

 I can read questions.

Objective: To decode questions. (RF.K.4)

Materials: animal cut-outs, construction paper, sentence strips, marker

Procedures: Glue animal clipart (hen, duck, hog, cat, dog, and chick) to construction paper. Under each picture write a sentence for each animal such as, “Here is the duck.” (Do this for each animal.) Hide the animal cards around the room. On sentence strips, write the questions, “Where is the duck?” etc. Your child will choose a sentence strip, read the question and find the animal card. He will read the sentence on the animal card and continue until all the animals have been found.

Conclusion: Dictate the question “Where is the hen?” for your child to write on lined paper. Then dictate “Here is the hen.” for him to write. Make sure that he uses the correct punctuation.