This fun sentence-decoding activity will help your child to better understand nouns, verbs and adjectives. Plus, it will create a “bunch” of giggles!


Lesson 28

I can decode sentences.

Objective: To decode sentences. (RF.K.4)

Materials: carrot cutouts, marker, sentence strip.

Procedures: Create carrot cut-outs from construction paper and write decodable adjectives, nouns and verbs on each. Examples:

Adjectives: red, funny, big, little, hot, mad, sad, sick

Nouns: pig, hen, kid, ship, jug, chick, rug, bed, fox, truck

Verbs: hop, run, nap, sit, cut, jog, chop, shop, clap,

Place the carrots in three baskets. On the sentence strip write, The ___________ ___________ can ___________. Your child will pull out a carrot from the adjective basket and place it on the first line, a noun on the second line and a verb on the last line. Then she will read the sentence. Remove the carrots and continue with more words. Be prepared for lots of giggles.

Conclusion: Your child will write two favorite sentences on lined paper.